Sightseeing Excursions

July 9th thru September 3rd Every Thursday.

Great South Bay Excursions on the Moon Chaser feature a live One and half-hour (1 1/2) narrated tour of the wildlife, history, and picturesque scenery of the Great South Bay. Come and enjoy the tranquil beauty of the Fire Island coastline. Bring your family and friends, there is always something to please everyone.

You are allowed to bring a box lunch, but all drinks must be purchased through the Moon Chaser’s bar.

The Moon Chaser also offers special packages for groups of 30 or more for private excursions for day camps, schools and senior organizations June thru September.

The excursions are run From July 9th thru September 3rd; Every Thursday. The cruises leave at 1 PM and return at 2:30 PM.

to purchase tickets and more infomaction visit our website at Moon